Constituent Success Stories


Our team travels across NY-22 to meet with constituents and help them solve probelms with federal agencies including Medicare and Social Security, Veterans' benefits, passport and visa issues, federal student loans, federal grants, and more. 

These are some stories of Upstate New Yorkers our office has helped. Learn more HERE

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Adam from Binghamton applied for a passport and did not hear back for three months. He called our office, and we contacted the State Department. Adam’s passport was ready the next day.


Barbara from Utica was recently diagnosed with cancer, but she did not have health insurance and did not know how she was going to pay for her chemotherapy treatment. She called our office, and we helped her get access to Medicare and Medicaid so she could start her treatment.


Carol from Binghamton tried to get USPS to move her mailbox from an unsafe location, but no progress was made for two years. She contacted our office and we got to work - we soon got her mailbox moved to a safe location.


Daniel from Whitesboro could not access the full Social Security payments he was owed for two years. He contacted our office and we helped get him thousands of dollars in backpay.



Laura from Rome was waiting for US Citizenship and Immigration Services to process her permanent residency application for two years. She called our office, and we helped move the application process along until she was granted permanent residency. 

Christopher Pelkey from Clinton is a disabled Army combat Veteran who struggled to get his benefits for more than eight years. He called our Utica office, and we helped him get access to the benefits he earned for his service. 


Craig, NY Mills, DOE.png

Craig Smith from New York Mills was struggling to pay off his student loan debt, and due to a bureaucratic error, he was told that he owed thousands of dollars more to the Department of Education. He called our office and we helped resolve the issue.

Ed Foster, DOT.png

Ed Foster from Central Square had to cancel a family trip because of the coronavirus outbreak, and had a difficult time getting a refund for his flight. He called our office for help, and we worked with United Airlines and the Department of Transportation to get Ed the money he was owed.