Brindisi Demands Washington Put Politics Aside and Workers, Small Businesses, and Families First in Coronavirus Response


March 24, 2020
Press Release

With More Than 20,000 Cases in NY and Climbing, Congressman Calls on Both Sides To Stop Fighting For Partisan Priorities & Start Fighting Against Pandemic & Economic Downturn


Brindisi to Washington Politicians: Stop The Political Games & Get This Done


Congressman Anthony Brindisi (NY-22) demanded Washington politicians put aside partisan politics and pass a new coronavirus economic relief package. Brindisi, a known problem solver and champion of bipartisanship, called on leaders of both parties to stop trying to fill the crucial relief legislation with partisan gifts.


“This pandemic is a global crisis. Now is the time to cut the politics, work together, and deliver strong public health supplies and economic relief for all Americans,” said Brindisi. “There is too much at stake for Washington politicians to look for partisan goodie bags. Stop the bickering. Stop the games. Put the political wishlists away and deliver relief for our families, workers, and health care professionals.”


Brindisi has called for increased resources to New York State as it becomes the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States. Additionally, Brindisi has worked with his Republican colleagues, Reps. Katko and Stefanik, to advocate for bipartisan solutions.


Additionally, Brindisi would like to see a package that:

  • Provides relief for small businesses and workers displaced by the global pandemic.
  • Ensures medical professionals and first responders have access to critical equipment like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Focuses on the task at hand of economic relief for small businesses, workers, and families, not pet partisan projects like the Green New Deal or unaccountable, corporate bailout slush funds.
  • Provides economic and regulatory relief for family farmers.
  • Allows for efficient and affordable manufacturing of PPE and other vital medical resources like hand sanitizer and ventilators.
  • Prioritizes relief for rural communities and ensures schools and communities and rural areas can have access to reliable broadband.
  • Includes:
    • additional support for rural hospitals so they can afford to keep their doors open
    • financial relief for small businesses, those who are out of work, and seniors on a fixed income—grant money, loans, and tax cuts for members of our community
    • programs to strengthen the ag workforce and help dairy farmers make up for milk losses—expand the safety net and re-open USDA protections for our family dairy farmers, as well as waive restrictions that might limit their workforce