Brindisi Statement on Turkey Sanctions Vote


October 29, 2019
Press Release

Brindisi Supports Strong, Bipartisan Sanctions on Turkey

Brindisi: These Tough And Targeted Sanctions Will Let Turkey Know Their Aggression Towards Our Partners In The War On Terror Will Not Be Tolerated

Congressman Anthony Brindisi joined Democrats and Republicans today to put sanctions on Turkey. Brindisi joined 402 members of Congress to pass the Protect Against Conflict by Turkey Act. Following the vote, Brindisi issued the following statement:

“Kurdish forces helped us in our war against ISIS and Turkey needs to be held accountable for the violence towards our allies. These tough and targeted sanctions will let Turkey know their aggression towards our partners in the War on Terror will not be tolerated. I am hopeful that these sanctions will help stabilize the situation in the Middle East, hold Turkey accountable, and help protect our allies and America’s standing with them.”

This bill provides a targeted response to the crisis caused by Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria. It sanctions senior Turkish officials involved in the decision and those committing human rights abuses. It restricts the Turkish military’s access to financing by sanctioning financial institutions that do business with the Turkish defense industry. It also prevents the sale of arms to Turkey for use in Syria and requires the Administration to impose sanctions under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act for Turkey’s purchase of the S-400, a Russian missile system.