Brindisi Stops Congressional Pay Raise


June 11, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Anthony Brindisi (NY-22) joined a bipartisan effort to strip language from government funding legislation that would have provided members of Congress with a pay raise.

“Too many hardworking Upstate New Yorkers still struggle make ends meet, and the last thing we should do is give Washington a pay raise,” said Brindisi. “That’s why I fought against a member pay raise, and I’ll continue oppose it. Let’s do what the people sent us here to do: work together to support our veterans, help family farmers, build infrastructure, and lower health care costs”

Brindisi joined Democrats and Republicans to push an amendment before the House Rules Committee to stop the pay raise for Members of Congress in the Legislative Branch appropriations section of the spending bill expected to pass the House next week. Last night, their efforts were successful and the automatic pay raise will be removed from this year’s legislation.

Brindisi was joined by more than a dozen lawmakers in this push.  The Appropriations legislation, without the pay raise, will come up for a vote next week.  Brindisi’s efforts made national headlines this week in Washington.