Representative Anthony Brindisi

Representing the 22nd District of New York

Representatives Brindisi and Katko Announce Increased Accountability of International Joint Commission


August 7, 2019
Press Release

Representatives Anthony Brindisi (NY-22) and John Katko (NY-24) announced a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study to review the International Joint Commission’s (IJC) plan 2014. The IJC is the international governing body that regulates water levels of Lake Ontario.

Following Lake Ontario flooding that damaged homes and businesses throughout the region, Brindisi and Katko worked together to hold the IJC accountable. Earlier this summer, the Congressmen brought the IJC to Oswego County to hear from the members of the community affected by the flooding. After their community roundtable, Brindisi and Katko met with the American IJC members in Washington in order to call for more accountability and transparency.

The GAO announced today that they would be conducting a review of the development and implementation of the IJC’s Plan 2014. The review will look at three key areas:

  • The process of development for Plan 2014
  • The implementation of Plan 2014 and if it is meeting the plans requirements
  • The concerns of stakeholders and how the IJC is addressing these concerns.

Brindisi and Katko praised this announcement.

“This GAO study is a step in the right direction for the IJC but more needs to be done,” Brindisi said. “Homeowners, business owners, and families in Oswego County are fed up with the inaction and lack of foresight from the IJC. Hopefully this study will provide a clear path to fixing what’s gone wrong with Plan 2014. I will continue to be vigilant and hold both sides of the IJC accountable to Oswego County residents.”

“I’ve long urged greater oversight and review of the IJC’s implementation of Plan 2014.  As our community knows all too well, shoreline homeowners, businesses and our local municipalities continue to suffer from increased water levels and devastating flooding,” said Rep. John Katko. “Today’s announcement is a critically important step forward in ensuring accountability from the IJC, and I look forward to reviewing the information gathered.”

Brindisi and Katko have worked together throughout the year to bring the concerns of Lake Ontario residents and business owners to the IJC. In April and again in May they called upon the IJC and the International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board to address rising water levels in Lake Ontario.